Movie "I Am Eleven" on Sat Feb 20th, 1pm at the Mayfair. Advance ticket sales available.

CISV is an independent, non-political, volunteer organization promoting cross-cultural friendship through a variety of educational programs for youth and adults in 60 countries around the world. Charitable Registration # 13224 87176 RR0001.

CISV Ottawa is on (members only), (public site). Find out more by reading:

Donate Now Through! Fundraising: Francesco CoffeeGrocery Cards, Time Capsule, Donations.     ***Join the Drive to Step Up 2016***


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News & Upcoming Events

2016 program dates are available. Spots are available for 15-year old boys for Step-Up to Mexico, applications are being accepted.

Peace Bus applicants still needed, females for eastbound and males for westbound. Still taking applications for leaders as well, and looking for a 19+ junior leader for eastbound.


Leadership applicants are needed for 2016. Apply online now. Email for more information.

Click on the poster to see it full size.


Volunteer(s) are needed to fill the key board position of treasurer. Please contact if you are interested.


Upcoming dates:


Adults volunteering and leaders need a police check.  A two day express check (or faster), for an extra cost of $38, is available from 2670 Queensview Dr, 7:30am - 5:00pm. Avoid the $15 fee by taking a copy of the chapter letter (login required).

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Seminar Camp Applications

The Seminar Participant Application includes camps for summer 2016, and winter 2017. It is possible dates will change for programs, dates will not be confirmed until late January or early February when precamp 1 is issued.

As outlined on the applications, forms need to be submitted complete with the reference and a proof of age (copy of drivers licence etc).
The deadline for forms is December 1st for participants to be considered in the first round. Late forms will mean applicants will be placed in subsequent rounds as invitations allow. Forms can be mailed, or submitted electronically. All fees are set and collected by the local chapter.

Given the demand for program spots in recent years, applicants may not all be placed in the first round. Additional spots will be requested as needed to place as many people as possible at camps, but applicants may not know until the winter or even early spring if they have been placed. It may not be possible to place everyone, even if they are strong applicants with paperwork filed on time. Guidelines for applicant placement are outlined in the CISV Canada handbook. Generally priority goes to those who are 18, and with a spread of spots across chapters. We will do our best to not place applicants from the same chapter at the same camp.

Applicants should rank all camps on the form, even those we do not currently have invitations to, to help out with camp placement in later rounds. Please note for the camp in Poland participants must be 18 on the first day of camp to participate.
Please both apply to CISV Ottawa AND submit your seminar camp application .doc or .pdf to Sara by December 1st.
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Peace Bus 2016 Applications

Applications for summer 2016 Peace Bus (PB) are available now!

  • Eastbound: Victoria (Jun 24) - Halifax (Aug 2) for 15-16 year olds
  • Westbound: Halifax (Jul 27) - Victoria (Sep 4) for 16-18 year olds
  • 14 year olds can apply for Eastbound but will be wait listed until mid-January to allow as many seats as possible to be filled by 15-16 year olds.

If you want to be a part of this amazing 40 day activity this summer, please both apply to CISV Ottawa AND submit your typed 2016 CISV Peace Bus application form & fee to the Ottawa PB coordinator, who will approve your application & forward it to PB Co-Chair Kim Rowe.

Check out the Peace Bus website for additional information.

We welcome anyone who would like to help organize & recruit for PB. For questions or concerns, please contact Kim. Please share this widely!


Why be a Peace Bus driver?

  • embark on an all expenses paid trip, plus $1,500 honorarium
  • lead and inspire a group of future world-changers
  • see Canada coast to coast

Leader/driver requirements

  • be able to get a 4B driver's license
  • have 4+ years clean driving record


  • camping experience
  • experience cooking for groups of 10+ youth
  • experience leading educational activities
  • key qualities: flexible, adaptable, creative, organized, able to handle stressful situation
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A Big Thanks

to everyone who donated to CISV through our ongoing donor drive and the summer 2014 CISV Diversity Village campaign.

We recognize the following donors.

  • Gordon Abry
  • Scott Ackwood
  • Rob Adriaanse and Monika Torok
  • Sweta Agrawal
  • The Beauchesne Family
  • The Bellefeuille Family
  • Coreen Blackburn
  • Greg Bonser & Twyla Kowalenko
  • Pascale Bourassa
  • Barbara Byrne
  • Anders Carson & Vicki Stevenson
  • Tim Clark
  • Vicky Compton
  • Elizabeth Creary
  • Dave and Sharon Crowe
  • Caroline Davey
  • David and Anne Davey
  • Patricia M Deline
  • Sarah Deline
  • Roderick M Douglas
  • Mike Douglas-Hecker
  • Chantal Dubois & Family
  • Heather Dunbar & Keith Butt
  • Judy Dunlop
  • Rob and Nancy Dunlop
  • Kiran, Mesha, Vani & Kirk
  • Alan P Farris
  • fidentica corporation
  • Elaine Fortune
  • Jennifer Galpin
  • Norbert Gaudet
  • Linda Graupner
  • Matt Hawkins
  • Jay Heins
  • Frank Hendriksen
  • Karin Hendriksen
  • Katrien Hendriksen
  • Sara Hendriksen
  • Iain Hutchinson
  • Gregoire Jodouin
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Steve Keeler
  • Everett Keogh
  • Ina Keogh
  • Jane Keogh
  • Mary Keogh
  • Stephen Keogh
  • A. Kowalenko & Associates Inc
  • St-Jean/Kavanagh Family
  • Stanley Kurylowicz
  • Tom and Sally LeFeuvre
  • Lorraine Levesque
  • Noah, Anna & Bekah
  • Bernie Martin
  • Sue McGarvie
  • Joanne McGoldrick
  • Katherine Melanson
  • Michelle Meyer
  • Sharmila  Mhatre
  • Janet Michel
  • Tony Michel & Jane LeFeuvre
  • Trixie Mitchell
  • John Mohney
  • Frances Monaghan
  • Byrne and Ann Mulvihill
  • Donna L Nalls
  • Wouter Oudemans
  • Catherine Paris
  • Jasna Piljak
  • Debbie Poisson
  • Jillian B Polson & Wellington
  • Elizabeth Rankin
  • Scott Robertson
  • Jaap and Maria Schouten
  • J G Sheridan
  • Leslie E. Smeeton
  • Victoria Storaas
  • Dr. Benedykt Syposz and Dr. Janet Still
  • Denis Trudeau and Jane Dunlop
  • Paul Wertman
  • Colleen & Jeff Westeinde & Family
  • Nancy Gardiner White

A special mention to those who donated in memoriam and to those who wished to remain anonymous.

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Own a Beautiful CISV Souvenir Time Capsule

These locally made maple and pine wood time capsules make a wonderful home stay gift, gift for a special leader, Village or Step-Up staff gift, souvenir for your delegate, interchange partner, or your family or, a thank you for a significant contribution to your chapter.

Each time capsule is embedded with a metal screw top cylinder that holds a scroll where you can record your favourite CISV memories or your fellow delegates’ names. Click here to view photo of time capsule mechanism, or a personalized time capsule.

Two sizes are available (prices include tax.)  Large 7.5cm $25.00, Small 5cm, $15.00

Place your order by filling out this form. Please contact if you require further information. THANK YOU!

We are pleased to be able to share this fundraiser with other Canadian chapters (click here for details)

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Fall Camp 2013 Newsletter and Video

The Fall Camp 2013 report and video was emailed to the membership. Didn't get it? Maybe you aren't on the mailing list (or maybe your junk email settings ate it). Contact

The video is also linked from Facebook.